Tuesday 10 March 2020

So much for that plan

Tried to get my mother's car resurrected last Saturday. The battery is dead in her car. The plan was to boost her car, drive it to the shop where I made an appointment, and get the battery replaced.

Saturday morning I connect the cables, start my car, turn the key on hers, and nothing happens. After a few more attempts her car continued its impression of a paperweight. To add to the problem I discovered the rear tire was going flat. All the tires were fine two weeks ago. I have changed batteries many times and changed lots of tires. The problem is I currently do not have any tools. Long story involving a divorce.

I abandoned the project and dropped in on the shop where I was going to take it which was less than five minutes away. They had no one available to come out. I said I still wanted to get this done and would reschedule this for sometime later this month. They were fine with that. Not everything goes according to plan.


  1. Looks like a tow job is warranted.

  2. The best of plans often run amuck - unfortunately. You'll get there!