Wednesday 18 March 2020

I might have lost five pounds . . .

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and replied to my posts. I am greatly heartened that things are relatively normal with people like me.

With the current weird situation going on in the world right now I, like everyone else, have changed some of my daily habits.

I liked to have a glass of wine or a beer or two after work. I largely quit doing that. If I am staying in place I do not want to have a drink to pass the time. Doing that could become a habit to deal with the boredom. I have also been brown bagging it more and more and cut out a lot of fatty foods and have been eating more salad. I could use some more exercise. Out of curiosity I stepped on the scale this morning and think I dropped a few pounds.

Silver linings.


  1. Good for you for looking for (and finding) some good in all this. Practice common sense are the words I try to live by and try to enjoy the small things in life. Who knows, it might even prove to be good for us.