Saturday 7 March 2020

Some buildings should be allowed to gracefully fade away

Anyone who is familiar with this blog knows I like running across rural churches. When churches are abandoned I would like to think that they can gracefully fade away over time. It bothers me when I see old churches vandalized or mistreated.

This one is in Sintaluta, Saskatchewan that I ran across last year. I think someone is squatting in it. There is a bunch of junk around it.

I ran across an abandoned church in Antler, Saskatchewan. Someone cut a hole in the side, installed a garage door, built a ramp, and parked farm equipment inside it. Not far from me an old church is being occupied by people and I am not sure what they are doing with it but it does not look good. If an old church is no longer being used I like to see it treated with respect. These buildings were important to people at one time.


  1. Totally agree. I have run into similar situations. The other option is what happened in Whitkow, Sk. Also very sad.

  2. The people left & the people made the church a church.
    The people can work to keep it a monument to their past or just leave it as an empty building, your photos show that.
    Someone repurposing an abandoned building is not a bad was abandoned.

  3. Makes me sad that a church would be mistreated.

  4. The church is beautiful but that Coke machine doesn't do anything for it. I agree with your statement that 'if an old church is no longer being used I like to see it treated with respect'. Simply cannot imagine cutting a hole in one and using it to store farm equipment.

  5. Lots of that happening in Sask I think...