Thursday 12 December 2019

Weyburn Water Tower

The Weyburn Water Tower at sunrise.  This historical landmark sits high on Signal Hill and can be seen for miles in all directions.  When I last saw it about twelve years ago it was looking unloved but on this visit I was pleased to see that it had been painted and was looking pretty spiffy.

There are three other "lighthouse" shaped water towers in Saskatchewan, at Kamsack, Humboldt and Kerrobert, but I believe the one in Weyburn is the oldest being built in 1909.

Signal Hill was a native settlement where the smoke signals created there could be seen a great distance.  W.O. Mitchell was born in Weyburn and Tommy Douglas called it home.

- Michael Truman
Past Presence


  1. It looks like a lighthouse!

  2. Thanks for the interesting photos. Now I need to find out how they signaled...

  3. Looks like it was modeled after a lighthouse, and good to know that it has been painted and is being preserved.