Tuesday 3 December 2019

No idea what to title this

This morning at the office I heard that one of my clients took his life. I barely knew him. The man was not all that far from me in age. I last saw him in my office about a month ago. From our conversation I got the impression that he was having some financial difficulty however things were turning around. 

When I heard about it I felt kind of numb, then a sense of loss. I had never personally known anyone who felt suicide was the answer. I am a fairly optimistic person and firmly believe there is always a bright side to life. Not everyone experiences things that way, sometimes things can get to be too much for some. I hope that I never get to the point where I feel circumstances and life pressure me to the point where I feel there is only one way out. I try to be positive when I am with people. 

Later in the day I found out a friend of mine suffered a loss. He got the news a friend of his had a fatal accident. I wish I could have articulated something better than to say I was sorry to hear about the loss of a friend. I followed this person on Instagram and admired his work. 


It has been a very different day for me. Hours later I find myself thinking about life and how quickly it can end. I want to live and enjoy the experiences I have and hope to do so for a number of years into the future. I wish we could all live long happy lives. Cherish the time you have. 


  1. For those of us with a fairly optimistic outlook on life, it is hard to understand why someone would choose to end theirs. Every day we still live is a gift.

  2. Life is such a beautiful gift.
    We lost a distant relative by marriage to suicide last spring. So very difficult for those left behind. His brother is devastated...

  3. How many will get in their car to go to work and not make it?

  4. News like this always gives us pause, and quite rightly so. Life is fragile and fleeting sometimes.

  5. Time is the most valuable thing we have.