Tuesday 10 December 2019

The House on the Hill

I was roaming the back roads of Manitoba back in 2014, looking for the Hathaway grain elevator, when I spotted this old house in the distance. It was quite far away and across a pond, so I didn't get any closer than this.

The elevator was demolished sometime in 2017. I wonder if the house is still there.

- Steve Boyko


  1. That's an interesting old house with an eriee feeling attached to it..

    Thanks for sharing.

    Shawarma Calgary

  2. The Hathaway grain elevator was named for my family. I read your blurb about it at the link. There never was a town (ghost or otherwise) called Hathaway. The elevator was just located at a railway siding and there were a whole bunch of Hathaways farming in the immediate area, so that's how it got named.

    1. I have a photo of the elevator when it was actually had "Hathaway" lettered on it.