Saturday 30 November 2019

State of the blog address

I kind of started this blog at the end of November and I usually do some kind of written post every year on what I consider the anniversary date.

Thank you to those that read this and thank you to those that have contributed posts. You unexpectedly helped me a few times when I ran out of ideas and post material magically appeared.

I spent more money this year than I have ever spent in my life. After the dust settled after the divorce was finalized I bought a condo, spent some money on some minimal furnishings and household goods. Later on the KIA was needing repairs so I bought a 2010 Ford Ranger as an additional vehicle. I figured it was good to have a spare vehicle in case one had problems. I had to spend a few grand on the KIA for repairs and it is my winter driver for the moment. I had a full set of new winter tires for it so it only made sense to use it for the winter. The KIA also has heated seats, the truck does not.

My living space is a two bedroom and two bathroom seven hundred seventy seven square foot apartment style condo with heated underground parking. I only use one bathroom and furnish one bedroom. I live a kind of minimalist lifestyle and could easily get by on less space. I am all for living an uncomplicated life. The really great thing is that if I want to go somewhere all I have to do is lock the door and go. 

So far I remain blissfully single and I am in no hurry to change that. It gives me the freedom to do things. Road trips remain largely unplanned and spur of the moment. Mom seems to be doing better and a little less dependent. Its a work in progress.

There are a few trips that I wanted to take that did not happen. They will get kicked over to next year. There will be a few revisits as places that I did get to experienced lousy weather that interfered with my plans. Such is the nature of road trips. I may get another motorcycle or a different motorcycle. There are lots of inexpensive used bikes out there that are tempting me.

At this point life is good. I hope it is good for all of you as well. 


  1. "All I have to do is lock the door and go" says a lot!

  2. All in all, sounds like a good year. Happy Blogoversary!

  3. Congrats on another year of providing wonderful photos!
    Good to hear that you are doing well, minimally...

  4. I have 185 sf of space in my trailer and it is bigger than I need. Love the freedom.

  5. OOPS I hit the wrong key. Make that 155 SF.

  6. There's a lot to be said for the minimalist lifestyle. I keep trying to reduce the amount of "stuff" we have.

  7. Well it doesn't get much better than that, BW. Minimalism is actually a great way to live. My parents had the Freedom 55 thing with the big RV, big house, vacation properties... and all looked like so much work. I dunno if they were able to truly relax and enjoy themselves.

    But you DO need a new bike. A big Goldwing would look good on ya.

  8. I enjoy quite a minimalist lifestyle myself. I do have a bit of an art habit...I have it now: I enjoy a well decorated minimalist lifestyle. :-)

  9. Sounds good BW just keep on going for the next year!!