Tuesday 26 November 2019

Crossed that item off my list

I am not one of those bucket list types. I do not have a list. There are a few things that I would like to do and sometimes I get around to doing them. It is kind of a work in progress.

One of those things was to stay at the Chateau Lake Louise in Lake Louise, Alberta which I accomplished last weekend. The place is usually expensive however if you plan and check dates you can get a more reasonable rate. I got a room with a lake view on the sixth floor with breakfast included and very reasonable valet parking. I was kind of amused handing the key to my 2012 KIA Rondo to the valet to park it when they usually park higher class vehicles.  

I have stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge and the Banff Springs Hotel in the past that were corporate events. The Jasper Park Lodge has a wonderful setting, the hotel itself is underwhelming. The Banff Springs Hotel is one of those old grand hotels. The Chateau Lake Louise has something they do not, namely Lake Louise.

There was a time when hotels were grand. These days hotels all kind of look the same. The Chateau Lake Louise is a grand hotel from when architecture mattered and they built places that you wanted to stay in. This hotel is beautiful inside, and outside as well, and Lake Louise itself is one of those beautiful places at any time of year. The service is excellent as was the food but that is why you go to some place like this, to experience things done on another level. Everyone was unfailingly polite and eager to look after your request. Most of the staff I saw looked to be in their twenties.

I believe that there is a level of civilization in the past that is lacking today. While walking the halls and seeing some of the old photos on the walls I noticed one about the fire in 1924 that destroyed a section of the hotel. The caption read “The fire of July 3, 1924 destroyed the entire Rattenbury Wing (wooden section) of the Chalet. Only the Painter Wing, built in 1913, survived. Despite the devasting fire dinner was served to 126 guests that night with orchestra and dancing as usual”. When I was having dinner a few tables away from me I observed a guy wearing a ball cap the entire time he was in the restaurant having his meal. We have lost something.

About four inches of snow fell overnight. I was up at first light, which is not that early at this time of year, got dressed and walked up to the lake through the snow. There were no other people out yet except for one staffer who got assigned snow clearing duty and was shoveling the walkway. It was nice to experience it with no people. Sunday was back home. I got this particular want out of my system and enjoyed it. I might do it again sometime.


  1. There was a time when people were classy. Men wore suits and ties and women wore dresses and pearls and they danced the night away to Benny Goodman. I'm glad the hotel lived up to your expectations. I wonder what the atmosphere would have been like years ago.

  2. Yes, we HAVE lost something--class.

  3. I've only stayed once at Chateau Lake Louise and yes, it was for a corporate event so my employer was paying. I enjoyed my time there and had a lovely fondue in the Swiss restaurant there too. And of course, that iconic scenery!

    I've never stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel or Jasper Park Lodge though. I suspect I never will, but who knows?

  4. We discovered the astronomical prices three years ago when we were driving out west and ended up right at Lake Louise as it was getting dark. Not being brave enough to tackle the mountains at night we opted to stay. Can't remember which inn it was where we ended up but it was $300 for the night - and NO breakfast!! My poor husband about had a heart attack over that one!

  5. How much did that cost ya, BW, if you don't mind my asking...? That's kinda-sorta been on my list too!

  6. I have walked around that hotel and the Lake but have never stayed. Nice to check something off your non bucket list.