Thursday 7 December 2017

The anticipation exceeded the actual event

I sometimes trade some location information with people who share my interests and sometimes they will just send me a location. I was told about Solberg School, a former one room schoolhouse. I had looked it up on Google Earth and there it was plain as day on the satellite view. It was exactly where it should be.

So on December 2, 2017 I ventured out with a friend and a cousin to go look for it. We were on the right road but somehow we had driven too far north. Consulted the mapbook and my notes and turned around and backtracked south. Somehow we missed it again. 

Time to play dirty. 

Used Google Maps and GPS tracking to take us to the exact coordinates. Somehow we missed the Solberg School sign on two prior passes. The school building that clearly showed up on Google was no longer there and there was just a sign left. One more piece of history that has disappeared.