Saturday 30 December 2017

Abandoned Alberta

Noticed this as I was driving in the cold to see my friend on December 24, 2017 near Linden, Alberta. It is a little cold to be out driving so there have been single photo posts.

Cold temperatures I can live with. Cold and snowing is a different matter. When it is snowing and it has covered the road it can be hard to see just how far you can pull over to take a photo of something or even see the road you are on. Too many people drive in winter conditions drive like it is a sunny day in July. Snow can be evil. A nice snowfall can barely affect your traction or it can be little ice crystals falling from the sky making paved roads treacherous. I have new winter tires on my car but it does not mean much when the roads are extremely icy. According to the forecasts winter conditions should be a little kinder in less than a week. 


  1. I spent 13 years in the upper mid-west and quickly understood that "ice sucks". But the climate you get at home is the climate you live with.

    If you get tired of your climate & move, in a few years your home make look like the one in your photo.

  2. I totally agree, a little snow can make things deadly.

    I once put a tire off the road when doing a U-turn on a snowy road... didn't know where the shoulder ended. With the van stuck at a 30 degree tilt in -30C weather, it was a little dicey until someone yanked me out with a tow chain.

  3. Pull over? When I drove dump truck, I'd often just slow down a mite and start clicking, sometimes through an open window, sometimes through a dirty one! (Truthfully, I don't advise it.)

    1. I have done the same. Photos turn out better when you stop.

  4. That little house looks like it used to be quite nice.