Sunday, 3 April 2016

East of Buffalo, Alberta March 12, 2016

I was out with my friend Ron and he spotted this out on the lone prairie. I was surprised he spotted this since it was hidden behind a hill. He thinks this may not have been a year round residence but a place used for people out in the field. Ranches tend to cover a lot of land in this area. Ron grew up not too far north of here and at one time he knew a lot of the farmers in this area. The building is very small. Three old metal bed frames were inside. If there were more than two people it would really be cramped. If there was anything to cook on it was no longer there. It definitely is not being used.

I kind of wonder if "West View" means anything in particular.


  1. These are beautiful pictures. The last one with the sign, "west view," reminded me of a photo I have of my great grandmother, standing in the doorway of their cabin, watching the sunset. I may have to post it today. Thank you.

  2. Why - you should have made an offer on the property, BW! ;)

    One of the pics shows some outbuildings...were they for livestock or equipment?

  3. Probably a bunkhouse and they used a pot-bellied stove for warmth and cooking .Maybe Westview was the name of the ranch?

  4. Look at the clouds/sky on picture 6, beautiful. I think you are right Chickenmom, nice photos BW.