Saturday 17 January 2015

Long stretches of nothing

August 3, 2014 I decided to take the motorcycle out for a good run. I ran Highway 2 from Airdrie, Alberta to the Carway border crossing into Montana. I made it as far as St. Mary, Montana. My original plan was to take the Going-To-The-Sun Highway, loop around the other side and come back into Canada via the Roosville border crossing. Somehow I missed taking my American money with me and I doubled back to Canada. I love travelling to the US though. In my experience Americans have always been friendly and helpful.

From Fort MacLeod to St. Mary, Montana the highway is excruciatingly boring. There is lots of nothing to see and little traffic. I have traveled a little through Montana before and my experience has been a lot of empty spaces and driving for what seems forever before you see another person. The photo was taken near Babb, Montana. The highway just started to be an interesting ride near St. Mary which made it more irritating to head back. After more than eight hours on the Suzuki Burgman it was still a comfortable ride. The closer to Calgary I got the filthier the clouds looked. I got to Calgary and from there to Airdrie the skies opened up and pounded me with wind, rain, and hail. As an aside, don’t believe that something is going to keep you dry if it says it is waterproof. 


  1. Good thing you turned back. Those plains indians can be cranky, and when they get cranky, they get a bit scalpy.

  2. I have driven through Browning once a few years back. That is one place I am glad I did not have to stop in and I will avoid it in the future.