Monday 12 January 2015

Know the opposition

I was at the motorcycle show in Calgary yesterday. I had a quick discussion with an RCMP officer about his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I knew Alberta had police bikes, I did not know how many and how widespread they are. He told me the detachments in southern Alberta that have them. I am definitely going to be more restrained when I hit the highways in the spring. To be fair I have never personally had an issue with police in Alberta. They are all very professional. My license history is so clean it sparkles. As for the motorcycle show I was not big on taking photos there. All of the really interesting stuff had people crowded around and it was difficult to get photos. I was mainly interested in going to check accessories such as cameras, gps units, luggage, blue tooth helmets, and hard luggage cases. I learned a few things and found a few vendors that I did not know about. I got to hang out with the nephew and brother-in-law so it was time well spent. Main lesson of the day was that anything I really wanted is too expensive at the moment. A blue tooth helmet was pushing $1,500.00. I can make do with what I have for now.

RCMP Harley Davidson

Sherriff's department BMW, police get the fun stuff 
Indian motorcycle for the wishlist

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