Tuesday 13 January 2015

Google Maps view for the previous post

You can see the where the modern bridge crosses the river and the abandoned one is just south. The image is from Google Maps. In the top right corner you can make out the irrigation canal that was started and never completed. It shows as a straight line that is almost running north/south. It goes straight and then just stops. The gravel road that runs off the modern highway just on the other side of the river that heads north  apparently leads to an ghost town Cecil, Alberta. Apparently nothing exists there but there is an abandoned railway bridge that is still standing. I did not know about either of those at the time so another visit to this area is on the agenda. 

The lower photo shows the abandoned rail bridge which is just north of where I was. This is less than ten miles by road. I am still kind of miffed I found out about this after the fact. 

Maybe I should start adding some Google Maps images to some of the posts.

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  1. Like the Google images - every time I try to post some, they NEVER show up. What's your secret?