Saturday 24 January 2015

By any other name

I bought the 2003 Suzuki Burgman 650 in April, 2014. I purchased it from a guy in Edmonton who originally bought it for his wife. She found it a little too big for her liking so they bought a 150cc Piaggio for her to ride. The Burgman went up for sale. 

When I completed the purchase he asked me if I was going to keep the name. Apparently his wife named it. So, I asked what the bike's name was and I really should have known the answer before being told. The name was Ingrid (it will come to you). I thought it was amusing enough so I told him I would keep the name and henceforth referred to the bike as Ingrid. I had stored the bike at a cousin's place near Drayton Valley for a time and she picked up on the habit of calling it Ingrid anytime we discussed it. In fact it became second nature to refer to the bike that way. I just had to watch myself out in public whenever we were talking and I referred to "riding Ingrid". At least once we were overheard and I had to explain myself. 

Ingrid taking a break

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  1. I name all my vehicles.
    Betty is a S 40 Suzuki Boulevard. Named after Betty Paige