Sunday 31 March 2024

Everyone is from somewhere else

So far I have encountered nurses from Senegal, Jamaica, The Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, China, South Africa, and some actual Canadians.

One x-ray tech seemed to be German. I could barely understand him.

One doctor was from England. One I encountered was from Bahrain and she had worked at a hospital in Saudi Arabia. No complaints, everyone seems to be competent. You would think someone would warn these people that Edmonton, Alberta has snow and nasty winters.  


  1. Thank goodness they still want to come to Canada despite our winters! Wishing you a Happy Easter under difficult circumstances.

  2. I had a nurse from Nepal when I was in ICU last July. I was surprised because of the notorious hot Phoenix summers.

  3. A similar warning is issued in Montana because the fancy people visit in late spring, the summer or early fall. When they buy a mansion in the woods and winter falls, they realize that they need a snow machine to get to their four wheel drive truck to get to town. Then the internet goes out because of storms and the town businesses are on restricted hours because even with ski tourists, there isn't enough business to keep summer time hours.

    It's good to hear that you are healing.

  4. Good to know that well-trained individuals from other countries are finally being allowed to work in their fields. We need them.