Monday 26 December 2022

Turkey hangover

December 23 I picked up mom and moved her into the retirement home. There were a few trips back and forth to the hospital to pick up her belongings. I was not able to stuff a wheelchair and a walker in the vehicle in one trip. I dropped in on her condo to make sure everything was in order and spent most of the day with mom. It is a little over an hour drive one way from where I live.

December 24 I spent the day with mom. I missed a few items setting up her place and quickly picked up some items from a store and a few items from her condo. It is bit of an adjustment for mom. The staff there have been fantastic. The residents I have encountered have all been really friendly and wanted to meet mom.

Christmas Day I spent the morning with mom. I think she was a little less interested to see me. She has been mingling and has remarked how good the food is there. She wears a call button and is getting used to the fact that if she needs help with anything someone will cater to her. This is good. I know she is in a place where she will get good care and I can worry about her a little less.

Three days of driving back and forth and moving things again has me tired and hurting all over. Today is my day to run a few neglected personal errands and have some down time. I had my turkey on the 24th and have been snacking on it ever since. That and a few drinks later on will be a good way to close out the day.

I might be able to get back to taking some photos.


  1. It can be a difficult and sad transition for a parent to go into a retirement home but it sounds like you made it as pleasant and as smooth as possible for your Mom. I hope she enjoys her new place, new friends and helpers, and good food!

  2. So what pairs well with Turkey - Pinot Noir, Merlot or Port?

    1. Turkey pairs well with turkey. Bread and mayo pair well with turkey. Also stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy.

      I am not into pairing wine. I greatly prefer reds to whites. My red preferences are Merlot and Pinot Noir and if I want a glass of either with a meal I will have one. I do not drink often. Port is a late evening drink meant to be savoured. The bottle is supposed to take a long time to finish.

      Another favourite is Magnotta Ice Wine. Wonderful stuff.

      It is better to save up to afford to drink the good stuff.

  3. It's hard to be forced to put a loved one into an assisted living situation but I know it's also a relief too because you don't have to worry quite so much.