Monday 19 December 2022

How was your weekend?

Saturday I moved furniture from my mother's condo to her new residence in a retirement home in -25C weather.

Sunday I stocked her new digs with her clothes, her toaster and her kettle for her instant coffee, towels, and various odds and ends for her new place. The furniture got arranged, she can have me change it later if she does not like it. Her phone and cable is being set up. The whole building seems very friendly, the residents that I ask say they like it there. The dining area is nice. If all goes according to plan we have a move in date of December 23.

The real test of how well things are going in my life is tomorrow. Tuesday is the day I supposedly get my dishwasher. If that works out it just might be a Merry Christmas.


  1. Good luck tomorrow and with you mother's move!

  2. The only thing worse than moving furniture in the freezing cold is moving it in pouring rain, so just keep that happy thought in mind. I hope your dishwasher is delivered tomorrow with no further problems!

  3. Well the only things that have not happened yet is either the dishwasher arrives and is fantastic, or the dishwasher arrives broken. I hope for the former!

  4. Hope everything goes well all around. And since you asked...I had a nice weekend with Daisy out at the lake.