Friday 16 December 2022

The dishwasher chronicles

Just received word that my dishwasher that was supposed to be delivered today is not being delivered today. I bought the dishwasher from Rona. I got one of those robo-calls yesterday telling me my dishwasher was to be delivered between 2:50pm and 5:50pm today. Why not just say between three and six? I got a phone call this afternoon from an actual person telling me the dishwasher was not going to be delivered, and neither was anyone else's that was scheduled for today. Maybe they should not use a third party company to serve their customers.

I was informed another delivery service is going to be used and they will refund part of my purchase. The amount that they are refunding will be sufficient to buy a nice bottle of port. Next Tuesday is the next delivery date and next instalment of this saga. 


  1. My daughter bought a high end drawer dish washer. When we visited at Thanksgiving she had to use the bottom drawer and it didn't work. Long story short she will get a new dishwasher in January.

  2. That would be the last item i ever purchased from Rona