Friday 18 February 2022

Metropolitan School 1908 - 1956

A friend tipped me to this. Located south of Kinsella, Alberta. Wonderful old one room school. I could not get a shot of the front due to a row of trees about ten feet from the front door. It was also icy and windy so I did not walk up to the door. I could see from a distance that there was a padlock.

Insulbrick on the outside of the school. Someone or some association is taking good care of it.


  1. It does look to be well maintained. Is there a local community that could use it - maybe in warm months?

    1. Chances are some group does use it year round if it is this well maintained. There is a dumpster close by so someone uses it. There are a lot of country halls used for weddings, reunions, etc. through the year.

      A few schools have been owned and restored by families for their own use. I am not sure what the story is on this one.

  2. I had someone message me on my group page saying the Caretaker would be happy to show me around the inside next time I visit, I thought that was really kind 🙏

  3. It does look remarkably well kept so no doubt it's still in use although probably not on a regular basis.