Monday 14 February 2022


There are times on this blog that I get some wonderful comments. A lot of times I put up posts that I do not think much about them afterward. Sometimes others discover those posts and it can be quite interesting. I received a comment on this post:

"I stumbled across this webpage and my breath was taken away! The two graves under the tree belong to my great great grandparents. The next day, I took my laptop to my 82 year old mother's house and said, "I have something to show you," and when I opened the page for her to see, her eyes grew wide with shock. "My grandfather planted that tree!" she whispered! "Oh my goodness, that's my great Baba and Gedo." What a wonderful impact your photo has had on us all. Thank you so much."

The commenter is anonymous. If they ever read my current posts I want them to know how much I enjoyed their comment.


  1. Yep, it is really wonderful when a blog entry means something special to someone.

  2. So many of your photographs are the tip of a story that we well never hear, it has to be great to get some background! Even if it's only one picture, thanks for sharing that.

  3. WOW, what wonderful feedback to receive! It must be so gratifying to know that one of your photos brought joy to that family!

  4. Oh wow - what an incredible story! It's such a small world. I always live in hope that you or Michael might stumble across a tombstone for my family but I doubt they would be in a cemetery that's quite old enough to interest you.