Saturday 12 February 2022

Between Leduc and Drayton Valley, Alberta . . .

Westbound to Drayton Valley this morning to visit mom. Mainly uneventful until I get to about here:

53.211331, -114.769496

There was a tanker in front of me. I pulled out just before the passing lane started and floored it. I cheated on the passing lane because it is a damn short passing lane, less than five hundred metres for a two lane passing lane on my side. In my rearview mirror I saw a white Ford truck and thought "That couldn't possibly be a . . . "

Passed the truck. Got to the top of the hill. The white Ford truck passed the tanker. I got a little further down the highway and then I got lit up. Goddamn.

I pulled over and parked here:

53.208319, -114.806112

Turned off the car. Reached into the glove box, grabbed the envelope where I store my insurance and registration and added my license, rolled down the window and waited for him to come up to my door.

I got asked if I knew why I got pulled over. Told him I had a good idea. He asked if I had been drinking. I said no (I am sure there are some people who drink before ten in the morning, I am not one of them). Then I got asked if I had smoked any marijuana. I laughed. He said he could smell an odour like it from my car. I laughed again. I told him he could test me.

The reason I laughed would only made sense to me in this case. My father was a strict and sometimes very scary individual when I was a kid. He had some definite rules regarding certain things and I was terrified of trying any illegal drugs because of it. Being an adult I never felt any desire to try any. Not because of any kind of moral attitude, I kind of believe if I did at this stage of my life dad would come back from the great beyond to make my life miserable. I do not care if anyone else indulges, that is their business. If the officer thinks that is what he is smelling when he pulled me over I might need to clean the inside of my car.

The RCMP officer, a young guy, took my information back to his truck and ran me through the computer. I am always polite when this happens, no need to make a situation worse. He came back, asked me if I knew I pulled out and passed over a double solid line. I said yes, but offered an explanation. I pulled out to pass just before the passing lane started because it is a damn short passing line up a small hill. I threw in that I was on my weekly visit to my mother who needs my care. I thought it couldn’t hurt.

He said "No ticket today" and I thanked him.

Sometimes you get a break.

I got to mom’s a little late. I told her that I was temporarily detained by our nation's finest.


  1. The cop lied to you about the marijuana odor...seems things are the same on both sides of the boarder.

  2. Next time, tell him you hit a skunk the other day!

  3. Living dangerously again I see. I guess he figured there were bigger fish to catch and no doubt there are. I imagine where you are is the same as here with complete and utter disregard for speed limits, stop signs and pretty much any road rules you can imagine. Every single time we go out we somebody doing something stupid and there's rarely a day goes by that there isn't a head on collision locally caused by somebody passing unsafely. It's a war zone out there it seems.