Thursday, 25 November 2021

Time goes on

One of my aunts (my mother's sister) lives with my mother in her condo. One of my other aunts (on my father's side of the family who was married to my father's brother) lives in the same building. She recently passed.

She died November 20, 2021 in the afternoon. She was in the hospital getting something checked and died there. She was eighty-eight years old.

Her husband died in 2014 at age eighty. They were married sixty years. They had six children. When my aunt passed there were seventeen grandchildren and twenty-eight great grandchildren.

When I was a kid our family would visit them on vacation along with all the other relatives. My father loved to go visit his brother. His brother was a farmer who lived and breathed farming. I never liked those visits. My family were not farmers and I had nothing in common with my cousins and found it hard to relate to any of them.

With the passage of time hopefully we all grow up and change our perspective on things. Years later as an adult I got to know them and appreciate them and I enjoyed running into them. Age changes things. My father died in 1997 and my uncle reminded me a lot of my father. My aunt was always on the go, very active, and knew a lot of people. She was good to me. It was earlier this year where health problems forced her to give up driving and to sell her vehicle. I know that was hard for her.

She was a good person and I shall miss her.


  1. Sorry for your loss. It sounds like your Aunt was pretty active almost right to the end. That's a good thing. A long period of bad health and lingering is not good for anyone.

  2. My condolences on your loss.

  3. Sounds like she had a good life, but she obviously will be missed. I'm sorry.