Monday, 1 November 2021

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Hatton, Saskatchewan

Located here: 50.041027, -109.850683

Hatton, Saskatchewan is a ghost town. At one time Hatton was quite the place with nine grain elevators. Nothing remains except a couple of cemeteries. One of those cemeteries is beside the main gravel road and is easy to spot. This one is a little off the beaten path and beside the railway tracks.

It is a lonely empty place.

The cemetery has been abandoned long ago. Some markers are hidden in the tall grass.

Near the western end of the cemetery are some more clearly defined graves. It looks like the last burials were in the 1940's. Most of the surnames are German.


  1. Last time I saw Grace Lutheran it was spring and a few irises were blooming.

  2. In all truth, that is where I want to be buried, someplace forgotten and peaceful. Don't need to tend my tombstone, I ain't much for cleaning and tidying...

  3. Cederq, you need an angel pointing skyward with a whole hand so that we can break off all the fingers but the one.

    1. This would be my forth or fifth Guardian Angel, all the others quit in exasperation or plumb wore out...

  4. Lonely, perhaps....but also so very peaceful.