Tuesday, 16 November 2021

The witch house

My favourite old house south of Dollard, Saskatchewan. I have been here four times and taken people here to see it. I am surprised at the number of people that manage to track it down and drive long distance to see it. This place shows up frequently on Saskatchewan related forums on Facebook.

This is a place I like to see any time of year. It is very photogenic. 


  1. I wonder when it go it's last paint job?

  2. Someone put some time & effort into that house and those roof lines.
    Then they left it...

  3. If anyone would like to read more about the Witch's House they can read about it here at my blog https://glenbowe.home.blog/2021/08/03/the-witchs-house/

  4. This is one I really wish I could see in person.