Monday 19 July 2021

Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church near Maryville, Saskatchewan

This had been on my list for some time. It is northeast of Melfort, Saskatchewan. I was not able to find how long it has been abandoned or when it was built. A plaque on the grounds says the area was settled starting in 1935.

As abandoned churches go this one is wonderful and even better in person. My only complaint is that the day was too bright for photos. I really want to visit this again.

I know there used to be a school and teacherage close to the church. I do not know if much else existed here. On the same north south road there is a church a little bit south and one a little north of this church, all within a mile. This church is by far the most interesting and photogenic of the three and of many churches I have encountered.


  1. 1935, the middle of the depression. I looked, Marysville is a long way from the Ukraine.
    A coat of fresh white paint...

  2. You're right - very photogenic, bright conditions notwithstanding. Sad to see the bent crosses.

  3. Your photos of the old church are awesome. Very well done. I hope that I can visit it again before someone burns it down.

  4. I've stopped to this old beauty a few times. My best shots were taken on a very late afternoon in November after a fresh snowfall.