Friday 21 May 2021

The long weekend awaits

Last day of work at the current job. Of course that means that the computer system has to have multiple crashes and there has to be a few complaints with a few angry clients. Soon it will not be my problem. I get to go to a different job and deal with a different set of problems. I will have a week to myself before I start anything.

For some reason I am being spammed again. I might not mind so much if it was interesting spam.

It is the Victoria Day Weekend and I am looking to take a trip somewhere. The problem is that most places I want to go have rain in the forecast. This weekend in Canada is always hit and miss.



  1. Victoria Day nearly always has bad weather with last year the one possible exception. Well maybe this year too.

  2. Guess all those snafus at work at just serving as a reminder that you're doing the right thing in leaving. Hope the weather clears so you can get on the road.