Thursday 13 May 2021

Return to Gregg


I like going back to places I've been. The light is always different, it might be a different season, things may have changed.

The only time I don't like going back to a place is when I know something beloved is gone, like a grain elevator. There are a few towns in Manitoba that I haven't been back to because I know their elevator was demolished, and I don't want to see the empty space where the elevator used to be.

Anyway, I returned to Gregg, Manitoba recently. I hadn't been there since 2018 so it was time for a revisit. Everything was still there.

I started with the Kerwood Church. This time I looked in the front door to see the interior. I don't usually do that but this church looked inviting and everything was unlocked. It looks very plain inside but that's OK. That's probably how it has always been.

I took the same shot of the old barn and grain elevator that I took in 2018 - view the other post to compare. The elevator is the same but the boards are disappearing from the barn. That old weathered wood is probably going to some other project.

Of course, I photographed the grain elevator a few times. Here's a different angle than 2018.

Many happy returns!

Steve Boyko

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