Monday 18 June 2018


I do not like shopping for myself. Clothes in particular.

I seem to have a popular shirt size since I can never find my size. I prefer solid colours. No stripes or designs, solid dark or darker blues, grays, or black, sometimes white. Same with ties, I like plain solid coloured ties with nothing to break up the colour. Shirts that are not white and solid colour ties are hard to find for some reason. Shirts seem to be wearing out faster so I am buying them a bit more frequently. When I do find something reasonably close to what I am looking for I usually buy two or three at a time. I would buy more but that seems to be the most I can find at one time that fit. I do this with shoes, usually buying a couple of pairs at a time.

On weekends I am usually wear jeans with t-shit or sweatshirt. I threw out some sweatshirts because they were past their useful lifespan. Last Saturday I went shopping for replacements at the local mega-mall just outside Calgary. That was aggravating. It is near impossible to find a sweatshirt that does not have a hood, does not have a zipper, and has a crew neck. A simple sweatshirt that you can pull on. I know they exist as I discarded some. After checking out at least twenty stores in the mall I do not find what I am looking for and I find myself wondering if clothing stores understand their clientele or maybe I do not understand clothes these days. The last store I checked I found two different examples of what I wanted that was in my size. They were overpriced and they only had one of each. I took them as I was desperate and paid with the hope that I would not have to do this again in the near future.

I might have to start shopping online.


  1. It's the same no matter what size you are, I think, worse if you're too tall, too short, too skinny or too fat.

  2. I am beginning to see the joys of shopping online. No crowds. No going from store to store looking for what I want. Items are delivered right to my door. Works for me.

  3. Solids and the occasional plaid are my go to for most every piece of clothing I own. I've been shopping online for a while now, as it means I don't have to go to the malls...