Monday 18 June 2018

Cathedral of Saint Helena

From one extreme to the other . . . most of my posts are about long forgotten places but this one is certainly to the contrary. The Cathedral of Saint Helena is alive and well and located in the city of Helena, Montana.

One doesn't often get a chance to see this level of opulence and splendor in this part of the world. Enjoy!

A pilot on a training flight during World War I decided to take a chance and fly his plane between the twin two hundred and thirty foot tall spires. Needless to say, that stunt wasn't well received by anyone else at the time. Grounded!

Some of the elaborate decoration on the exterior of the church.

First look inside.

The light from the stained glass window behind the bronzed and gilded altar. Simply spectacular!

There are fifty-nine large stained glass windows in the cathedral.

Much of the decorative stenciling was added during a renovation completed in the late 1950's.

The granite columns are massive and topped with gilded capitals.

The current lighting fixtures were installed during the 1950's renovation.

The huge rose window above the main entry doors.

The gilded crucifix above the altar.

A rear view of the church.

A side view of the cathedral.

Looking at the cathedral from Last Gasp Gulch.

- Michael Truman


  1. I love to look at such places, but I always wonder how many poor that money could have fed.