Thursday, 14 June 2018

Abandoned church in Simmie, Saskatchewan

Simmie, Saskatchewan, June 9, 2018. Right beside it on the right just out of view is a yard full of junk. Someone is using this old church as storage space. I do not know what church or denomination. I wish it could have had a better fate.

I should have spent a bit more time checking this out. I knew there was a storm forecast and there were a few places I wanted to fit in before it hit. I found out that Michael Truman had been to this area and was nice enough to email photos of this spot. I asked him to write up a post since his photos were better than mine. His post follows this one. His post is better than mine.

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  1. Both posts are great, I like seeing the same subject by different people. This is a place I would like to see someday!