Saturday 23 June 2018

Archibald School

I stumbled across this lonely school district sign north of La Rivière, Manitoba. This is an area known as Archibald and once featured a school, church, and presumably some houses. Today it is open farm land.

The school was open from 1883 until 1962. During this time there were at least two different school buildings. Today there is no trace of it other than this sign.

The Archibald Museum was nearby. It closed in 2016.

I saw this old house up on a hill near the school sign.

- Steve Boyko


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the Archibald Museum closed a couple of years ago. It had a few historic houses on site as well, including a couple where Nellie McClung lived while teaching at the Archibald School --

  2. We will need a museum museum soon. Came across one the other day open for 4 hours once a week or on request. Better than closed for good I suppose.