Thursday 26 October 2023

Is That What You Call A Tailfin?

A '56 Meteor with some modifications.

I'm sure Q from the James Bond movies would know what this was all about.

Spotted about a month ago near Saint Claude, Manitoba.

- Michael Truman


  1. If it wasn't so heavy, I would suspect it is supposed to be a moveable weather vane.

  2. someone made a wind vane out of a car-- was it near an airport ??
    in Whitehorse, Yukon there is a wind vane made out of a full-size DC-3 airplane.

  3. I've driven a lot of Fords in my life including one just like this. I always did feel that I was driving into the wind! LOL

  4. I've driven a lot of Fords in my time including one very similar to this one. I always did think I was diving against the wind! LOL

  5. some one made a very cool wind vane.

  6. I wonder if it's a workable weather vane...might take a good wind to make it move though.