Sunday 24 September 2023

Weekend diversions

Chris Doer and Connie Biggart and a friend of theirs, Rob Pohl, are working on a project.

By the way, check out

I have known Chris and Connie for a few years and I recently met Rob Pohl. All of them have a project they are working on called The Beer Parlour Project where they document small town hotels and taverns mainly in Alberta. A few years back I was talking with Chris and he mentioned that bars and small town hotels would be a interesting category for blog posts or possibly more. I find this intriguing. I am what not sure what will come of it, maybe a book or an article or something else entirely. The group has been to a number of places in Alberta taking photos and doing interviews and gathering research.

I found out that they were going to be in Coleman, Alberta September 15 and dropped in. They invite people to come by and share the experience. Coleman is a former coal mining town and this is an old hotel. There are rooms upstairs that you can rent, and apparently they were booked solid that night. I hung out for a few hours because I was curious. I left before the band came on after eight as I had a long drive back.

I had driven past this place before on prior road trips and had no idea it was a functioning business. This is the kind of place that I have not been to in ages. I like to check the signs and notices in places like this. You never know what you might find. There were only two beers on tap. One was Bud Light (hard pass) and the other was from a local brewery. I tried the local stuff and liked it. Looking forward to seeing what place they want to visit next.


  1. This project could result in some fun and interesting road trips for you! Go for it!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! The photos than came of it are trickling in and there's some amazing stuff. Especially from Rob.

    A galley exhibit is for sure, but the book is still up in the air. After the last deal crashed and burned, we're a bit gun shy so taking it slow there.

  3. Looks like a great hangout for the locals (and those willing to make the trek).