Monday 4 September 2023

Abandoned Alberta

Not much of a Labour Day Weekend for getting out. Took a trip for half the day on Saturday. For Saturday, Sunday, and today we have been socked in with smoke that drifted in from wildfires, possibly from the Northwest Territories. I had to put a bit of a halt to the day due to the air quality. That and the bugs. I have hardly been bothered by any bugs this year. Whenever I made a stop Saturday and got of of the car I was attached by insects and breathing in very smoky air. I started to get a headache from it later in the day and my eyes were getting irritated as the day went on. Conditions have not changed yesterday and today and add to that chilly temperatures and some rain and I have not ventured out.

I have been to the church twice before and wanted to see how it has fared. Someone has ripped the doors off. Someone has also been trying to preserve it. There is a new steel fence line replacing the old barbed wire fence and a new sign.

Remains of the old bell tower.


  1. I just finished driving across the prairies. Poor visibility due to smoke. My throat and eyes were irritated too.

  2. Smoke sure doesn't make breathing easy. Can't imagine the poor fire fighters having to deal with it day in and day out. They're definitely heroes.