Thursday 21 September 2023

Random notes

I had today and tomorrow off.

I had some things scheduled today and a road trip planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

My car needed new tires. It was in the shop at eight this morning and rolled out with four new all weather tires. Next I took the motorcycle to the shop and left it with them. It is getting new tires and a couple of minor repairs. There were a couple of minor errands. After that I was going to visit mom.

I just got off the motorcycle in the parking lot of the shop and my phone rang. It was the retirement home where mom lives. One of the nurses told me that mom had informed them that she was not feeling well. They did a test and told me that mom has COVID. She is in isolation in her room and I am not able to visit her. I gave mom a call. She sounds like she has a bad cold.

Life gets in the way. Plans change.


  1. So sorry that your mom has contacted Covid - hope her symptoms aren't too bad and that she recovers quickly.

  2. Oh dear, yes, that new variant is out and about now that Fall is here. I hope your Mom recovers well and soon.