Saturday 5 August 2023

Need versus doing something because I felt like it

I did not need another motorcycle but I bought one anyway.

I wanted one. I got tired of thinking about it.

I bought a 2018 Kawasaki Versys 300X. I wanted something to take on some extended gravel roads and a few trails. I bought it earlier this week and finally got around to taking it for a ride last night. I would have taken it for a ride earlier however like I have said previously, I have been busy.

First impressions: I like it. It is light, and easy to maneuver. If I happen to lay it down on a trail it is easy enough to lift up. For only being 296cc it will still do about eighty miles an hour on the highway, not that I have had it flat out on the highway yet. It has plenty of zip. I like the ride position. It will take me a few rides to get used to its quirks.

I will certainly feel better riding this into off road places instead of using my car.


  1. Still plenty of summer left to get lots of rides in!

  2. You'd best bring that by my place - I'm in southern Orygun - for a check-it-out!

  3. Doesn't every motorcycle enthusiast need at least two? Mind you, I wouldn't know, never having been on one.