Friday 4 August 2023

Blink and half the summer is gone

Where does the time go?

Work is busy. You would think most of the clients would be on vacation since it is summer and things would be a little quiet. So far that is not happening. I have been here two years and I am also fixing dumb mistakes from years ago committed by my predecessors.

I have had some issues regarding mom's condo sale. That is a post for another day only because those issues have not been resolved yet. I meet my lawyer next week to sign the usual documents. I have had to sacrifice some of my holiday time to do this.

I have some holidays in September and October. I am looking forward to the time off.


  1. Yeah, wasn't it May just a week ago?

  2. I know - summer disappears in no time. Mind you, after the storm we had last night perhaps summer isn't such a good thing!