Tuesday 22 August 2023


Life is sometimes a highway.

I had last Thursday and Friday off. Last Thursday mom's condo was sold. I handed over the keys and as of noon on that day it is no longer my problem. I spent the rest of the day doing some associated banking and some errands.

Friday and Saturday I basically did nothing. I have been wanting to make another mad dash into British Columbia to mark at least one place off my list. Unfortunately there are wildfires in the area and there was a highway closure along the way I wanted to travel. I shelved those plans and did very little for two days other than visit mom.

For the last five years I usually make the loop from where I live - just a bit outside of Edmonton, Alberta - to Jasper then south down Highway 97 then east to Rocky Mountain House then home. I have not managed to do it so far this year until I decided to get motivated to do it yesterday. It took about eleven hours. I do it because I like the parks and the scenery. This time however there was a noticeable amount of haze in the air caused by smoke from wildfires in British Columbia. Otherwise the weather was fine. That is off my list.

If anyone is curious, the photo is the Highway 93A, the old highway, south of Jasper that is only open during the summer season. If you have time, take the scenic route.


  1. Great that the condo sale finalized and closed!

  2. I firmly believe in taking the scenic route if I can. Sometimes it's because we took a wrong turn somewhere but most often it was intentional. Unfortunately Resident Chef gets antsy now if he doesn't know where he is so I don't venture down the roads less travelled any longer.

  3. ps - meant to say, glad the sale came off and you and your Mom are clear of the responsibility of it.

  4. Congratulations on getting one more item out of your way. I have been very amazed at how much better my life has been every time I was able to simplify it a bit more.