Tuesday 1 August 2023

Boule Creek School 1914 - 1963

This is south of Cadillac, Saskatchewan. I tried to get here this spring with a friend of mine Michael Truman.

As an aside you should really visit and read his blog at: michaeltruman.blogspot.com

We did not get there, the road was a bit soft. Even if we had ventured down the township road and then turned north up the range road it was on we likely would not have made it. This school is on a hill. With a soft road and a bit of a steep hill it could have been a problem. I visited it earlier this month on a hot day and a bone dry road.

No idea how either of us missed this one. Both of us had traveled the backroads of the Cadillac area many times and somehow managed to miss this school. My trip here was a solo trip. The inside is a mess, someone has used it for storage. Glad I got to see it before it disappears. 

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