Sunday 5 March 2023

The Alsike General Store is no more

After eighty-five years the general store in Alsike, Alberta has closed  up shop. For the longest time there really was not anything in Alsike except for this store. There is a much newer and modern gas station just a stone's throw down the highway from this one. The Alsike General Store was a general store that sold gas, some groceries, and had mailboxes inside. If you had a post office box there now you have to get your mail in Breton, Alberta.

There are few businesses of this type anymore. If you run across one, go in, and buy something before they disappear entirely.


  1. There's a great little general store in Olha, Manitoba where you can buy the best little pepperettes. Bought ten...had one then another and by the time I made to the hotel a few hours later I had eaten them all. supper for me that night!

    There is the General Store and Saint Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and Cemetery in Olha. Hope I can get through the area again soon.

  2. So sad to see that happening. One wonders at the reason - the owners getting tired and wanting to retire or was it because there was a lack of support in the community.