Monday 20 March 2023

Death and . . .


Taxes, taxes, taxes.

Since I am looking after all of mom’s affairs I am looking after her taxes as well. I could do them myself but mom is loyal to her accounting firm that has done them for many many years. I had to drive an hour to the town where her accounting firm is on Saturday and drop her paperwork into their after hours drop off. The things one does for one’s mother.

Mine are a little more complicated. I am somewhat organized, not highly organized. I admire people that have natural high-level organizational skills. Any of my stuff, anything I own, is usually subjected to a rough sort and left at that. When it comes to my taxes whenever I get one of my forms I immediately put it in order in my tax folder Then I make sure I put my tax folder in the exact same place until I have all my forms. If I do not, then I might “misplace” it. I have even made back up copies of everything. 

My accountant is much closer, half a block from my residence. I dropped off my stuff in person. They should have it back to me in a few weeks. I might be getting a refund. 


  1. I took my tax stuff to my accountant last week too.

  2. We dropped ours off at H & R Block and they were done the next day. Ours is pretty simple and I know I technically could do them myself but income splitting is beyond my understanding so it's just easier to get someone else to do them. A refund is definitely nice!