Friday 17 March 2023

Adventures in telecommunications

Mom recently moved into a retirement community in December. I kept her phone line active in her condo that is up for sale because I thought it was needed to be buzzed into the building and also because I forgot to cancel it earlier.

You used to have actual customer service with utilities. In the past you could go to the actual phone company or one of their outlets and deal with a live person. I scanned her bill and found the phone number on the back of the bill in small print. I called it and got on of those computer programs. Pressing "zero" multiple times did not get me a live person. I think the current system is set up to discourage you from bothering them. Going through the menu multiple times (I started to get mad when it wanted to direct me to a website and email a PIN to access it) with me choosing multiple options finally got me a real live person. When I got the person on the line I asked them to confirm if they were a live person. I was getting fed up but you are held hostage to the situation since there are no other options to accomplish what you need done.

The real live person, once I got him, was quick and helpful. It was easy at that point to get the phone service canceled. Makes  you wonder why they cannot make it easy in the first place.


  1. I hope you get a chance to have some fun today!

  2. Why would they make it easy? If you’re not a “techie “ to bad

  3. I don't know why companies have such dismal customer service these days and why it's so difficult to find a real live person to talk to. What makes me even more disgusted is when you finally DO get a person they insist on putting you on hold so they can transfer you to someone else up the food chain and then they cut you off.