Sunday 5 March 2023

Ten in a Row

An early spring morning near Schuler, Alberta. 

Bales are a fact of life out here in the country . . . but that doesn't make them any less beautiful.

- Michael Truman


  1. Some years ago I missed a great photo.
    The lighting was perfect, the sun at the right angle. On the way to somewhere I zipped around the bend of a lonely country road. Hove into sight was a stand of trees in line as a windbreak next to the road.

    Hidden from view was a barbed wire fence. In each space between the sun dappled tree trunks, a single cow stuck her head out to look at me coming up the road. There must've been 20 or thirty cows all in a line and all looking at me. Their brightly lit faces were identical.

    Alas, as I drove past, the cows moved off the fence and the moment was gone. I turned around to go back the way I came. I waited nearly an hour. I cow whispered. I sang a cattle call. I revved the engine hoping to provoke the cows to return. No joy.

    Some photos remain only in your mind

    1. WIsh I could write this well.

    2. Wow! If another can feel as if they were there just as I was, then I have done well.

      - Plentious use of adjectives and synonyms.
      - Avoid beginning a sentence with personal pronouns
      (unless a specific person is the subject)
      - Be enthusiastic.
      - Practice.

      Those are my rules.

      I try to practice what a college professor of English hammered into his students; reduce, reduce, reduce the sentences you will write. Be concise; being too wordy constrains the reader from developing their own word picture.

      If you truly wish to write well, I suggest two books; E.B. White Reader, and The Little Rhetoric & Handbook, by Corbett.
      Oh, a third; the thesaurus.

      Of course, to practice writing. Most every of my comments on blogs is practice in writing well. Before blogs, I would simply practice putting to paper a favorite memory. My goal would be to convey the picture in my mind as vividly as possible.

      Be not dismayed. For every well written piece I have thrown away ten or more unsatisfactory writings.

    3. I am being sincere. In my younger years I read stacks of books and being exposed to different writing styles helped me in school. I have a thesaurus and I have read a well known E.B. White book years ago. When I have time I will seek out your suggestions.

      Too many times I find myself dashing off a blog post and I should devote a bit more time to the writing part of it.

      The comments are much appreciated.