Monday 27 February 2023

Progress on the home front

Mom's condo is getting a final cleaning. Met with a realtor on Saturday and got it listed. The realtor asked if the listing should be for one year or more. I told him if he wants the listing he has six months. If nothing happens in six months then I will look for anther realtor. I figure that should be enough time for something to happen. Met with the condo board as I had to get some new codes to get in the building. They were being changed for security reasons. Had a good visit with mom. I believe she is starting to like living in the retirement home. She must like the food, she is not as thin as before and looking healthier. That might be part of their strategy, get the residents too fat to make a run for it.

Sunday I had the day to myself. I took a drive for the day and enjoyed the solitude.


  1. Glad your Mom is enjoying her new home and the food as well!

  2. Really neat pic. Real glad Mom is doing well.

  3. A year's listing? Wow. When the condo here that belonged to my friend was listed a little over a year ago the listing was for three weeks (sold in a couple of days). The real estate market where your Mom was must be way different than here. Hopefully it sells quickly.