Sunday 5 February 2023

Getting back on track is proving to be a little more difficult than I thought . . .

Took a quick trip to Jasper, Alberta yesterday. I need a longer trip somewhere.

My sister is hanging out in Drayton Valley for the last five days and likely three or four more. She is painting mom's condo before it goes up for sale. I had a painter practically hired to do it a few weeks ago, when my sister heard about it she wanted the job. The job is dragging. Having to deal with family can be frustrating.

Talked to mom. She is having some issues and is quite confused lately. I have gently reminded her several times that I am taking care of her affairs and she has nothing to worry about.

I have been going through boxes and boxes (and even more boxes) of decades of mom's financial papers and tax returns. Of course nothing is in any semblance of order. It has been a lot of work cleaning this up. 

Having some work issues. I am sure everyone has had those at least once.

I am down to one vehicle from three. I recently sold my 2012 KIA Rondo. It had hail damage, some minor rust starting, and a few minor issues. Mechanically the car was rock solid, never any issues. A friend of mine told me a friend of his desperately needed a vehicle. He is getting divorced, has four kids, his vehicle died, and the vehicle he borrowed to get to work died. The guy needed a car to get to work and I was asked if I would sell it to him. Actually I was kind of politely hounded to sell him the car. I made time in my schedule and because he was in a bind I gave him a really good price on it. Sometimes you just have to help someone out.

I was planning on selling my 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe sometime in the future. Someone in my building told another resident in my building that I might have a vehicle for sale. He is in his seventies and his wife died December 23, 2022. She had a vehicle and for some reason it was turned back to the dealer after she died. I had told him I was likely going to sell it, he told me he wanted to buy it right away. I really did not want to do this, I am a little too busy with personal stuff. I was politely hounded by him as well.

I am a bit of a soft touch. I told him I would meet him after work and let him check it out. We took it for a test drive, showed him everything worked, got back home and sold it on the spot. Gave him a bill of sale the next day in exchange for cash. Used vehicles are damn hard to get here these days. He did not have a vehicle and tried several places and could not get his hands on one and was happy I sold it to him. I am now left with a 2013 KIA Soul that used to be mom's car with about 60,000km on it. It better not die on me, I have no backup vehicle.

It was a nice day to go to Jasper. I stopped at the Jasper Park Lodge for a quick bite and a glass of Merlot. It was 7C and I found it warm enough to walk around without a coat. I just like to go there. The Jasper Park Lodge has great food even if it is a little pricey. Then even have a pet menu.


  1. Life and be challenging and wonderful all at the same time. Helping out people who are in a bind is a really great is cash in hand. In the meantime I'll have the Steamed Salmon.

  2. You're a good guy to help out those other two in need of vehicles. Karma will bring good things your way.

  3. No better way to spend your money than treating yourself when going through a rough spot.

  4. I feel for you over the 'nothing being in any semblance of order' when it comes to papers. When we cleaned out my friends' condo her filing system was beyond creative. We found important financial papers filed in her genealogy files so we had to go through literally thousands of pieces of paper to weed out anything that was important. Not a fun job!