Tuesday 15 November 2022

The Tuesday Post (for lack of a better title)

Tuesday last week mom got transferred to Drayton Valley Hospital. She may not be back home however she is at least in the town where she lives.

She will be in the hospital for a while. Friday and Saturday were my most recent visits. She seems to be a bit confused but is well enough to complain about the food. I tried to get some kind of update from the nursing station. Apparently she has going to have a meeting with her doctor that has not happened yet so I know nothing new. My sister was there both days as well. We were starting cleaning up and cleaning out mom's place. That will take some time. Mom will not be living on her own again. She is not able.

Even though you have known someone for years you still find some things about them when you go through their stuff. In this case nothing earth shattering just some quirks.

Mom is cheap. She had a number of thrift store finds. Nothing wrong with that. A number of her thrift store treasures were practically new, such as two very nice corkscrew sets and mom does not drink. Her freezer had a number of miscellaneous leftovers in her freezer. Lots of new cloths and towels that I needed for my place. We found a number of things that my sister and I bought new for her that were put away and never used. This will be a slow and deliberate process.


  1. Good luck.... cleaning/sorting a parents stuff is a tough job all-in-all.

  2. One of the things I found when shutting down my Mom's apartment before she went into a nursing home was a gazillion unused postage stamps. She would buy a booklet of stamps, use one, put the package in a drawer and then next time she needed to mail a letter, would forget where the package was and go out and buy a new one.

  3. I wish you well with the memories that will be stirred up.

  4. My dad was a bit of a hoarder / collector. We found a drawer full of old cell phone batteries, for instance.

  5. One of the hardest jobs is cleaning out a parents home but it can be rewarding too, if only for the glimpses of their lives that you might not have been aware of.

  6. It's tough to clean out a parent's home, especially when you yourself come by the "save it for good" and "could be useful someday" habits from them. But at a certain point, the plastic bags full of plastic bags, boxes full of boxes, and towels in use being in tatters while new ones are in the drawer hit home. I did change my ways a bit after. The only real surprise for us was finding a frilly skimpy red lace lingerie set in the cedar chest. *OUR* Mom!?!? In *that*?!

    I hope your mom is out of the hospital and into new place soon. It's tough adjustment for all concerned.

    1. No surprises of that type so far. It is unfortunate because then it would have shown mom lived a little.