Wednesday 2 November 2022

Busy for all the wrong reasons

My mother recently fell and fractured her hip. She is in a hospital in Red Deer, Alberta.

They did not operate as it is the type of break they do not usually operate on. She will wait to heal up and have rehabilitation before she is released. My sister and I have talked with mom and told her she cannot live on her own anymore and I think she has come to accept that.

I have run across a lot of complaints regarding health care in Canada. I really cannot complain about recent events. When mom broke was taken to the hospital from her home she was sent from the Drayton Valley Hospital to the Red Deer Hospital the same day where they could operate if necessary. The staff at both hospitals have been very helpful and accommodating and the care has been fine.

Mom has been in the Red Deer Hospital for about a week waiting for a bed to open up in the Drayton Valley Hospital so she can be transferred there. Unfortunately nothing has opened up in Drayton Valley. Red Deer is experiencing a shortage of beds and since mom is not an emergency case she may be moved to another hospital. I got that news yesterday.

I drove out to see her last night. From Leduc to Red Deer in ideal driving conditions it is about an hour and fifteen minutes. Being in a hospital is not enjoyable and I visit when I can. On the drive back it was snowing. Today we are having a minor snowstorm. With the weather I doubt she will be moved today. We shall see.


  1. Sorry to hear of your Mom's hospitalization. Prayers for her recovery and for her family who are dealing with those things we wish we didn't need to deal with.

  2. Glad your Mom is receiving good care. I hope she heals well and quickly.

  3. Hope your Mom continues to improve. If she can't live on her own you and your sister will be facing some hard decisions and a whole lot of 'stuff' you will have to navigate. I feel for you, because been there and done that and it's not easy.

  4. Another Albertan here. My mum experienced a similar situation. Here's my suggestion, in the event she has to go into Long Term Care (aka nursing home). My mum went into LTC and believed it was the end of the line for her, which it was. However, it was because she gave up hope of anything improving. It was only near the end that one of the nurses remarked to me that some people actually went home, having used their stay in LTC to rest and recover. If my mum had known that, she might have had hope to improve and go, if not home, at least to a better living situation. JMHO.

    1. I would love for mom to go home. She cannot live on her own because if she is a fall risk. I do not want her to move into a senior facility but she would be better off there and I know she would be safe.

      After her hip break she will need rehab which I think will be six weeks. I do not think mom has given up, I think she has accepted that her life will change.

      I really appreciate the comment.