Thursday 21 July 2022

Random text post

I answered a call at work and the person on the other end stated "They let me out".

I knew instantly who it was.

I have this client, nice guy, who has a few issues. Every time I hear from him he is nice, funny, engaging, and talks to me like I am his long lost brother. Then I go for a month or two not hearing from him. He has admitted in the past that he is on medication, what for is not specified and I do not pry, and occasionally he has to spend some time in a hospital to get his life back on track.

Once he is released he calls me to regale me with his grandiose plans and how he is going to take me along for the ride and make me rich. It is entertaining when he calls and so far he is harmless. Whatever he is experiencing has to be a struggle.

I hope he is doing okay.


  1. Yes, everyone has their own struggles in this world, that's for sure.

  2. Bless you- Some how it will make a difference

  3. Sometimes that friendly voice on the end of the phone is a lifeline.