Wednesday 20 July 2022

Guest post of a sort: Cpt Mo

I am on Instagram as BWBandy. On my Instagram page I do not mention that I have a blog. Cpt Mo on Instagram sent me a message months ago asking if I was the same BWBandy that has this blog. Guilty as charged. I do not cross promote my blog on other platforms because it is just a hobby for me. When I first joined Instagram I totally misunderstood what it was, I thought it was some kind of photo site. I do follow a number of people that use it to post photos because I like to see their work and I have messaged a few of them. I still do not really know what is the point of Instagram nor do I care. I just use it to peruse photos.

I have conversed via Instagram messenger with Cpt Mo on an irregular basis as we have a shared interest in subject matter for photos. I suggested on a few occasions that Cpt Mo should start a blog to post them as I think a lot of them are really good (better than my stuff) and should have a wider audience. At the very least I asked if I could post a few of Cpt Mo's photos on this blog. By the way, I have never met Cpt Mo, I was told Cpt Mo's name but forgot it. Anyway I got permission to post a few of Cpt Mo's photos. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye.


  1. Yes, Cpt Mo has an eye for the arty shot! Great photos!

  2. His shots tend to be low to the ground giving the subject of the photo plenty of sky to highlight them and grass to add perspective.

  3. I have stayed away from the relative charms of Instagram (tweet/twitter too), mainly because I can lose enough hours just perusing the blogging world. Fun photos!